The “Flaming Wind” movement was started by the Christian “Holy Spirit” Mission, which consists of more than 10 Churches of Siberia, including such big cities as Irkutsk, Novokuznetsk, Tomsk, Novosibirsk.

At first this name was given to the “First Christian Festival of the Nations of Siberia” in summer 2010 in Petropavlovka settlement, Kuragino region, Krasnoyarsk krai, Russia. At that time 27 Churches of Siberia together with the “Holy Spirit” Mission have organized and led this festival in unity, love and worship for the Lord.

The name of our movement has appeared not simply by chance. Flaming Wind is similar to God’s breath, His Love, His Word. That fire of Love, that God has put in our hearts, spreads all over the world and reaches everyone.

By the year of 2013 the “Flaming Wind” movement has covered more than hundred churches and ministries all over the world.

Our vision is in serving all the nations of the world through the prophetic worship of heart,  that speaks of the Church-Bride waiting for Her Groom!

The “Flaming Wind” team is constantly moving! Being led by the Holy Spirit it goes to the places, where it is possible to serve the people by Joy and Love! Tired and frustrated, the hearts of people come back to life in the whirlwind of our worship! Many people join us and the “Flaming Wind” movement strengthens more and more!

From the year 2010 to 2014 we have served God not only in Russia, but have also organized the missionary trips to China, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Israel, Kenya, Uganda, Japan and the countries of Europe: Holland, France, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Andorra, Italy, Monaco, Spain. In summer of 2012 the team has completed a few ministries in Caucasus and took part in climbing to the top of the mountain Elbrus for the prayer and prophetic ministry.

The majority of the participants of the movement – are the students and young families, who sacrifice all they have to fulfill the vision of God!

All the charity events, seminars, concerts, festivals, trips are the real miracle for the all the participants of the “Flaming Wind” movement!